MADSAKI 'Write Here, Write Now' Book

MADSAKI 'Write Here, Write Now' Book


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The art book "Write Here, Write Now" of artist MADSAKI was published in 2013. MADSAKI's style as an artist has changed into various forms each time it is exhibited, and because of its multifaceted nature, the existence of MADSAKI is made to be more unmistakable, but its own worldview is from all over the world Has gained high evaluation.

"Write Here, Write Now" contains works exhibited at the solo exhibition "Please Don't Spit on the Painting" held in Los Angeles at HVW8 Gallery. Works that skillfully use words, lively, straight, and sarcastic message. All works exhibited such as the work of Smile Mark "Happiness Overdose" which can also be said to be the icon of current MADSAKI are present.

Publisher: Hidden Champion

Soft cover, 64 pages

Printed in Japan

From "Please Don't Spit on the Painting" Exhibited at HVW8 Los Angeles.

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